Finding Meaning vs. Finding Happiness

Finding Meaning vs. Finding Happiness

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Hey! I’ve got a question for you. What do you think is more important? Finding meaning or finding happiness?

Most of my life, I’ve tried in vain to pursue after happiness like it was a butterfly I could catch. Except, every time I threw my net, happiness fluttered out of my reach.

Maybe I’d find something that gave me momentary pleasure like playing Legend of Zelda or watching The Office. Except, once I stopped, that happiness disappeared. I was back where I started. Bored, tired, and frustrated with my life.

Finding Meaning Leads to Longer Lasting Happiness.


You’re probably thinking, “Well, yeah, duh.” But how many people are earnestly working at their purpose? How many people truly find meaning in their small existence? Are you?

According to this article on Scientific American, “when we are deeply engaged in an activity that is in accordance with our best self, we often report the highest levels of life satisfaction.”

So, it looks like finding meaning and finding happiness are linked. Everyone wants to be happy. And I believe most people want a higher calling or purpose. You need both, to experience a richer life, but how do you find that purpose? How do you find that something that gives you greater meaning and happiness?

I’m not sure. That’s something only your heart can tell you.

But in my limited experience these few things have helped me.

Following Your Heart Song

Follow Your Heart Song

When you make decisions based on what your heart is telling you, you won’t go wrong. Now, this isn’t the same as going with what you feel like doing.

No. It’s listening to your heart of hearts and discovering those things that makes your heart sing. It’s figuring out whether it’s the right thing for you to do like following your gut or your conscience.

No one else can tell you that.

Sucking It Up and Going To Work

Going to Work

Don’t wait until you feel like working. You’ll never get to where you want to go. Work until you feel it.

Sometimes life sucks. There’s no way around it. In your pursuit for meaning you’re going to skin your knees. It’s going to hurt.

But what are you going to do about it? Everyone fails one time or another. What will you do differently?

Committing yourself 100%

Commit Yourself

Stop making excuses. Stop. No one can transform your life except you. No one can live your dreams but you.

Commit to excellence. Work hard. Be your best self. Always. Try and try again.

Building A Better Relationship With Yourself

Become Your Best Friend

When you become your greatest ally, life can’t get you down. It won’t matter if people don’t believe in you.

You’ll believe in yourself.

When you stand up for yourself, the negative thoughts and self doubts are easier to ignore.

Of course, there’s always more things to learn and do, but learning how to master these skills will help you. They’ve definitely helped me!

So, what will you do?