Sometimes, I Don’t Feel Like Writing

Sometimes, I Don’t Feel Like Writing

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I don’t want to get up and work today. All I want to do is sit in bed and watch the light begin to creep through the blinds of my window. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like writing.

Thoughts slap me across the face. I don’t know what I’m talking about. People aren’t going to believe me. Why should I keep writing? So, I push away my pen and paper and drown myself in a video or two or five.

Maybe I should sleep in a little bit longer. Maybe I should give up everything. It’s too hard.

Why Is Writing So Hard?

I really don’t feel like writing this week. My goals feel like weights around my neck choking me, swearing at me, and telling me that I’ll never reach them.

All my doubts swirl around and around telling me that it doesn’t matter.

That I don’t matter.

What do you do when you feel like giving up? When you feel like you are your worst enemy? How do you grit your teeth and Just. Keep. Writing?

It’s so easy to tell ourselves that what we say doesn’t matter. It’s so easy to say I’m not an expert. No one’s going to care about what I’m going to say.

Why should I even try?


Those thoughts won’t get us anywhere. At least, that’s what I have to tell myself. I am the co-pilot to my fate, right beside the creator.

I can decide how to live my life. You and I both can take the bull by the horns and live an adventure every day.

Even if I don’t feel like writing, I have words I want to say.

Words that need to be said.

They’re bubbling inside me, I just have to let them free.

If you don’t feel like writing, you are not alone. I think there’s something in all of us that makes us doubt and fear, but sometimes we just have to push through it. Push through the fear and doubt to keep ourselves from hiding.

You and I both have a story worth sharing.