What Questions Are You Asking Yourself?

What Questions Are You Asking Yourself?

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“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” ~ Voltaire

There’s an awesome book that I’ve been reading that I’m planning to do a book review on in the next couple of weeks. It’s called “The Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins. Even though I’m planning on doing a review, I really wanted to talk about one of the sections that I recently read today. It talks about all of the questions that we ask ourselves and how this can determine our life.

How interesting is that?

Instead of asking yourself “Why does this keep happening to me?” or “Why do I keep failing?” or “Why can’t I do this?” he explains that it’s so much more effective to ask questions that change our focus and cause us to think. “How can I use this?” “How can I find more success in my life?” “How do I change my circumstances?”

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

“I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions.” ~ Lou Holtz

When we change our questions, we change the focus of our thoughts. We change how we look at ourselves and our circumstances. Our brains have an automatic need to answer whatever we throw at them. So whenever we ask ourselves why, our brain can’t help but give us an answer.

“Why do I keep failing?” Your brain might answer with, “Because I’m stupid.” However, if you change the direction of your questions to, “How can I use this?” Your brain can come up with a bunch of answers to help you in the situation!

Already I’ve been trying this out and I can see that it works. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all of the things that I’m doing wrong, these new questions help me to find solutions to my problems that I’ve never thought about before. It’s easier to get stuck when we constantly wonder about the why. When we think about the how that changes the direction of our thoughts.

Where Do You Want Your Life To Go?

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” ~ Robert Schuller

What questions are you asking yourself? Where would you like to see yourself in the next 3 months? You never know where life could take you. You could be on a different continent if you like, you never know.

So, whenever you start feeling overwhelmed or burdened with life, think about the questions that you’re asking yourself. Experiment and see where these different questions take you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! I hope that you found it helpful.

As always, have a beautiful day.