For My Mother

For My Mother

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Thank you.

Thank you for all the dishes cleaned, tooshes wiped, and laundry done. Thank you for all the bedrooms cleaned, books read, and memories we’ve shared.

Thank you for all the times you sang me to sleep, kissed my booboos, and brushed my teeth. For letting me sleep in your room when dinosaurs haunted my dreams.

Thank you for your love as I learned what depression, anxiety, and loneliness felt like. For being there when I didn’t want you to be. For standing strong as I sought for independence. For having open arms when I came crawling back for help. For noticing the little things.

Thank  you for your patience.

For setting rules and enforcing them. For pushing my buttons when I needed it most. For hugging me when I cried and listening as I ranted about boys and men.

For being there when I needed it most.

Mom, I’m so grateful for you and all that you continue to do even after all your little chicks have left the nest.  Thank you for wanting us to succeed.

Thank you for telling me I can do anything I set my mind to.

Thank you for bringing me into this world. For working with Dad to teach me wrong from right.

Mom, thank you for everything. ❤️