My First Solo Trip

My First Solo Trip

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“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Hey friend!

This last weekend was probably one of the best I’ve had in years. I made a solo trip to Las Vegas to visit two soul sisters of mine! Me! All by myself!  It was crazy! And one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Granted, I got a little lost on the way. When I saw the huge buildings towering over me, my heart started pounding. There was a ton of construction going on and I made a wrong turn leading me into the heart of the beast.

Here’s a picture of that little excursion. (Sorry for the picture quality, I was a little stressed when it happened, but the building looked cool!)


Las Vegas at Night

And for some stupid reason my phone kept telling me to make a turn that didn’t exist! Literally, it was blocked off because of the construction.

Lol, trust me, it was a mess. I kept making wrong turns, wound up getting in a taxi only zone, freaked other people out, and screamed in my head “How do people drive this every day?!”

Thankfully, after twenty minutes of listening to my phone (and yelling at it) I backtracked the opposite way until I felt comfortable attempting to get back on the I-15 South.

Needless to say, I was a little frazzled by the time I reached my friend’s house. But seeing her again and meeting her husband made it worth it 🙂

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”  ~Tim Cahill

Have you ever had a friend where no matter how many years you’re apart, when you get back together, it’s like nothing has changed? That’s my relationship with this woman. We hadn’t seen each other for five years, but when we hugged and laughed it was like we were roommates again.

We stayed up late chatting and then when the lights were off and I was alone, I stared up at the dark ceiling.

I made it. I drove to Las Vegas on my own and it felt so good.

The next day she took me down to the strip and showed me some of her favorite places.

Water Show at the Bellagio

Watching the Water Show at the Bellagio

The Gardens at the Bellagio

The Tulips in the background were gorgeous!

Fuku Burger

Fuku Burger had amazing hamburgers! Next time I’ll take a picture of the food.

After that we just spent the day hanging out, talking, laughing, playing games, and catching up on old times. It was the best!

When the weekend ended and we parted, I started choking up. I hate goodbyes. I always have, but I had another friend I needed to see and so we gave each other our final farewells and I hit the road again.

My last stop was with a friend who’s honestly like, well, she’s like a war sister of mine lol. But really though, it’s a fitting description 🙂 We worked in the woods together and she just understands my soul.

Anyways, we swapped stories and wisdom we’ve accumulated the last couple of years and she gave me a beautiful parting gift.

Leather Diffuser Bracelet

It’s one of those cool leather diffuser bracelets

When I was on the freeway again I couldn’t stop crying. I have some pretty amazing friends.

Even though we had to part ways, I made a vow to myself that I would see these women again. And next time it wouldn’t be after five years.

Weekend Sunset

The perfect ending for a perfect weekend

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” ~ Helen Keller

Man, I can’t imagine not making this trip. Even if it cost me moneywise, it was sooo worth it!

I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I drove home. I didn’t realize how important these two sisters of mine were to me until I had to say goodbye to them and didn’t want to leave.

But you know what? I will see them again. Soon. 🙂 This won’t be a goodbye for me, not even close. Now that I know I can make this journey, I know I can do it again, and other trips in the future.

But the reason I wanted to share this is because if I can make a solo trip I know you can too.

I’ve always been the quiet type who didn’t have the confidence to travel to a different state, at least, not by myself. Especially one where I’ve never driven through before. The thought has always terrified me.

But… now that I’ve taken responsibility for my life, I’m not afraid anymore.

I’m excited.

I’m excited for what the future will bring!

It’s easy to make a hundred million excuses about why we can’t or shouldn’t do something. It’s easy to push off what we want to accomplish.

But I’m here to tell ya, if you want to accomplish something that scares you, do it.

It’s worth it.

So, what are some adventures you want to go on? And what will you do to take a leap of faith?

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