Why You Matter

Why You Matter

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It’s true. In your tiny spot of the trillions of galaxies surrounding us, you matter.


Here’s why.

Out of the billions of people who exist on this planet, there’s no one like you. No one’s lived in your circumstances or been through the same stuff. No one thinks like you, not in the same way.

Do You Know How Incredible You Are?


Everything you do influences the people around you. A simple touch, look, smile, may transform someone you’d never suspect. You have the power to shape the lives of millions of people.

You might think that’s crazy. I know it’s hard to believe. How can you affect that many people? You’re just one person.

Well, think about this. What if a smile you gave someone helped them choose to live another day? What if, because of your smile, they decided to push themselves and become the scientist who discovers the cure for cancer?

What if your hug today, saved someone’s life?

You’re probably thinking, yeah right. That might be true for some people, but not me. That’s impossible.

Impossible? How many times have we proved the impossible, possible? That someone from Canada can communicate with an Australian in seconds by the flip of a switch should be impossible. That hundreds of thousands of pages of information are uploaded into this huge system known as the internet should be impossible. That you’re reading this right now should be impossible.

But it’s not. And neither is it impossible that you have the power to inspire the people around you.

You’re never gonna meet anyone like you. That should be impossible. Even if you have a twin, they’re not completely like you. No one is. And amazingly enough, no one ever will be.

Time always ticks forward, and no one’s gonna occupy your space in it.

No one has your smile, your touch, your influence. No one’s gonna transform the world like you. Think about that.

You’re Irreplaceable.


Your best friend won’t find someone like you again. Your parents aren’t gonna have a child like you twice. And even if you don’t have any friends or family, that doesn’t matter. No one’s got your eyes, your smile, your heart. No one’s gonna touch the world like you.

They can’t. They’re not you.

It’s hard to know if our lives mean anything. Trust me, I know. But no one can take away your influence.

No One Will Ever Be Like You.


Even if you don’t believe me, I want you to try something. Close your eyes and breathe in deep. Shut out the sound and look inside. Do you hear that? It’s your heart. And there’s nobody on this planet who’s got one like it.

So get out there. Be you. And transform the world.